Net neutrality in India !

With current news about Airtel to charge different amount for different type of data on Mobile internet, we are all set to get first major blow to Net Neutrality in India !

Previously, some Indian operators were offering free whatsapp or facebook access, which was also against net neutrality but since, users were getting free stuff, no one was really bothered in negative way. This time, users are unhappy about additional charges so it is making big headline in news !

Let’s hope telco’s don’t become succesful in disturbing Net Neutrality !

Barcamp Bangalore Spring Edition 2014

Barcamp Bangalore Spring Edition 2014 was held at SAP Labs on 29th March.
As always, session and techlesh were awesome.

Finally, It was good to see lots of Hardware startup shown up during BCB in field of industrial automation, 3D Printing and networking.

Unfortuntly, I had more out by 2 to give talk at Arduino Day.

Navratri 2013

During 2008 to 2010, I bloged about Navratri [2008, 09, 10] but during 2011 & 2012, I did n’t blog about it. But that does not mean that I was n’t playing :).
During last couple of year more number of places garba are started showing up or organization matured more.

This year, Navratri is coming from 5th Oct till 13th Oct. In Bangalore, I’m hoping to visit,

  • Vaishnav Samaj Garba at Palace Ground
  • Jayanagar (BMS College of Law)
  • Indiranagar (Gopalan Signature Mall)

I might even visit Sardar Patel Bhavan in Vasanth Nagar and Rajajinagar too.

Wish you all Happy Navratri !