IMTEX 2015

As mentioned, I regularly visit IMTEX exhibition, this year was no exception.

All 5 halls were packed with plenty of machines on display right from Lathe, drilling machine to advance metal 3D Printer, Nano fabricators, Advance CNC controllers. Many machine part suppliers were also present exhibiting whole ecosystem. Even from such high variety of display of equipments, VMC (Vertical Milling Centre) was out numbered by large presence.

Net neutrality in India !

With current news about Airtel to charge different amount for different type of data on Mobile internet, we are all set to get first major blow to Net Neutrality in India !

Previously, some Indian operators were offering free whatsapp or facebook access, which was also against net neutrality but since, users were getting free stuff, no one was really bothered in negative way. This time, users are unhappy about additional charges so it is making big headline in news !

Let’s hope telco’s don’t become succesful in disturbing Net Neutrality !