Bangalore Comic Con

Just visited Bangalore’s Second Comic Con which on going at Koramangala Indore Stadium right now. It is two day event, 1st & 2nd June.

The overall feel of Bangalore Comic Con is great. Bangalore witnesed it’s first Comic Con last year on 8th & 9th September 2012. I attented that one too. Compare to last time, this time crowd was more as lot more people are aware about this event now.

At Comic Con, one can easily bump into people wearing ironman, spiderman, hulk or any of marvel and other famous comic/cartoon characters. That’s biggest social part of event. Also lot of stall sell comic and other related stuff such as magnet/t-shirt/toys with various character.

Stall selling Mario Miranda‘s work and Chumbak have very good collection. These work are developed around Indian background.

Bangalore Comic Con 2013

At Bangalore Comic Con 2013

Bangalore Comic Con 2012

At Bangalore Comic Con 2012

BIEC exhibitions

I frequently visit BIEC for various industrial exhibitions such as Electronica, Imtex, Plastasia, Space Expo to name few.

Few things I observed:

  • In meachnical and plastic related exhibitions, around 40% stalls are from Gujarat
  • First and last day are not best time to visit. During middle day, rush is relatively less. Also exhibitors are settled down and not tired yet.
  • If bus service is provided, best is to use it. Electronica, Space Expo, Imtex provided bus service.
  • It is very easy to losse focus in exhibition.

SpaceUP India

Yesterday, 1st December, 2012 Bangalore witnessed it’s first SpaceUp India, unconferrence event on space.

It was good to see space and related things happening in India and specially in Bangalore.

Another highlight was about universities building satellites. At SpaceUp, 4 university shown their project details and it was quite interesting. Other sessions on astronomy and biomechanics (for earth aswell as for space) were also good and detailed.

You’s truly gave small presentation about 3D Printing & Space as below. It is inspired by work which I do at my firm, Cycloid System. 2012

This year 2012 was held from 29th Nov to 1st December.

As always, had awesome talk contents. Besides talks, there is special discussion area where people sit, talk, discuss and many time come with distruptive initiative. In 2010’s, similarly Computer Club of India took birth.

Related to Open Source Hardware, One talk was on “Open Source Robotics – Hacking a robot to be more social” by Priya from Arduino India and another on “Building robots using open source hardware” by Suder.

This time, VideoLAN Project also participated gave nice talk on how easy it is to build modules for VLC.

Many of talks were live streamed and recorded by and avaiable on their site. was getting restarted after not being around in 2011, so it was good to see it back into action. Undoubtedly it is best FOSS and technology event in India.

Short trip to Hyderabad

Sunday, 25th November, I made short one day trip to Hyderabad. It was more than one year since I visited this city. Last time, I travelled via flight but this time, I travelled using train and found plently of train station in one city. I mean, Hyderabad Deccan, Secundrabad Jn, Kachiguda and many more. Also first time travelled via MMTC, which has less frequency but good connectivity to good part of city.

In one day, I met 3 friends and attended one wedding, where again I met many of my old friends. Missed to met few friends too but time was limited.

My friends in Hyderabad told me that number of “Bandh”s and it’s effect both have reduced. That’s really good sign. [X] 2010 was held from 15 to 17th December, 2010 in Bangalore.

I was partially present in last two, but this time I actively participated on all three days. It had plenty of interesting sessions and workouts (as always 🙂 ). But I feel follow are worth noting:

On First Day, Danese Cooper‘s key note on running Wikipedia was quite impressive stuff. Also, Anil’s session on “Hardware Hacking for Software Hackers” was quite detailed and inspired many software developers to take interest in Hardware, which was quite visible in workout.

Tobias Mueller in his session, security in mobile devices showed various security issues in various mobile operating system on second day.

Saleem Ansari provided detailed understanding Fedora ARM and it’s built system in his session: Getting started with Fedora Embedded and QEMU/ARM hands-on. I think, it is very useful to have stable unstreamed Fedora’s ARM version to use on Beagle, Pandaboard and PLUG computers.

Besides this, had awesome hospitality, great Wi-Fi, yummy food and rocking music of Fahrenheit & Raghu Dixit band.

Mozilla Developer Day – 2010

Mozilla had organized developer day at Bangalore today, 27th February, 2010. The contents for day where quite interesting, specially Arun Ranganthan’s session on Web Standard was very impressive & useful. He showed usability of latest web standard which allows, direct play back of video, drag & drop, CSS & graphics capabilities. Besides Firefox, these capabilities should work well in Chrome & Safari (I hope, in-directly all WebKit based browser) well.

Using web standard based code instant of Adobe Flash has certain definite benefits, Such as,
– Code of sites are open & can be understand (Read: Debug/Optimization/Re-utilization)
– Works with out external plug-in.
– No need of paid & heavy weight editor tools.

At EOD, I would sum up Mozilla Developer Day as Highly technical & useful event with clear focus. With all this goodies, it will remain more memorable.

[Update: Arun has uploaded detailed report along with his presentation , which is worth checking out.]