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We recently had 7th Edition of Barcamp Bangalore on September 13 and 14, 2008 at IIM-Bangalore. General Information about Barcamp Bangalore

This was my second barcamp and I enjoyed following sessions:

BeagleBoard : Beagleboard is Open Source project (both in-terms of hardware and software.) Beagle is low power OMAP3530 based platform and provideis high performance at low-cost. At barcamp, Khasim demonstrated Angstrom Linux running on Beagleboard and played Big Buck Bunny movie. One can execute GIMP and Firefox 3 on Angstrom running on Beagle.

Firefox Indic Localization : Firefox has various Indian Language variations. There are quite a few volunteers in India contributing to Indian Language port of Firefox. One of them had came to Barcamp and explained how one can involved in Indic Localization.

CallGraph : Skype call recorder. demonstrated plug-in for Skype, using which you can record call. Some of the feature of Callgraph is one can directly upload recored call conversions to mail account or web-account. One can also share stored call using widget.

Muziboo Online Recorer : Muziboo demonstrated new feature of their web-site, Online recording. Muziboo now provides facility to online record, thus Singer does not have to recored on his computer and manually upload song to their account.

Session on Python 3 and Wikipedia gave a good inside on both of them. An interactive session on E-Learning had lot of discussion and interesting ideas.

Other non-techi interesting sessions were on Cycling and Paragliding, both sessions excited me. I seen verity of cycles together (as many as 12+ different models). I got opportunity to take a round of IIM on one of available cycle too. I also had good amount of chat with Yusuf Motiwala of Tring Me, ranging from linux, multimedia, Gujarat and many more things.

Bangalore Mirror had covered BCB7, snap is available here

I had taken few snaps during Barcamp and uploaded it at following picasa album :

Barcamp Bangalore 7 aka #BCB7