Barcamp Bangalore 8

Last weekend, We had Barcamp Bangalore 8 at Yahoo! Campus. I met lot of people during the event and most them were from different background. Students, working professionals from start-ups as well as big companies, freelancers and few entrepreneurs too.
One of the session was Open Source Licencing model which discussed few of various licence. We had good discussion on few framework for web-site and on Twitter and Facebook. I had good discussion with Prakaz over life as freelancer. Parkaz had left his day job and started working as freelancer, he is good photographer too. To conclude, I had nice discussions at BCB8 and I felt, I did take back somethings with me. Dhempe had taken few video clips during BCB8 and have uploaded here.

Navratri ’08

This year Navratri dated during September 30 to October 8, 2008. We also had couple of leaves owing to Eid (October 1) and Gandhi Jayanti (October 2). Thus, we end-up having lot of garba and dandiya.

I had gone with my room-mate and few friends. We went to Jayanagar Sayunkt Mandal’s Garba for 3 nights. The venue was BES Law College ground. Typical, it starts at 10 pm with first aarti followed by slow garba. Garba picks speed over a half an hour. Besides Garba, we had Raas and Sanedo. Raas is traditions dandiya-raas, mostly as shown in plenty of hindi films. Sanedo is centuries old traditional Gujarati folk song type. During sanedo, basically we sing couples of song, covering topics like general critics, current social issues and players follow his tune.

On the last night of Navratri and next morning (on Dasara day), Gujaratis eat Fafda, Gathiya and Jalbi. We were lucky, as organizers at Jayanagar Sayunkt Mandal had decided to provide free and unlimited fafda and jalbi. We had four rounds of it. Last night, we played and enjoyed till 5 am in morning. You can see few snaps here:

Navratri 2008

Barcamp Bangalore 7

BCB7 Logo

We recently had 7th Edition of Barcamp Bangalore on September 13 and 14, 2008 at IIM-Bangalore. General Information about Barcamp Bangalore

This was my second barcamp and I enjoyed following sessions:

BeagleBoard : Beagleboard is Open Source project (both in-terms of hardware and software.) Beagle is low power OMAP3530 based platform and provideis high performance at low-cost. At barcamp, Khasim demonstrated Angstrom Linux running on Beagleboard and played Big Buck Bunny movie. One can execute GIMP and Firefox 3 on Angstrom running on Beagle.

Firefox Indic Localization : Firefox has various Indian Language variations. There are quite a few volunteers in India contributing to Indian Language port of Firefox. One of them had came to Barcamp and explained how one can involved in Indic Localization.

CallGraph : Skype call recorder. demonstrated plug-in for Skype, using which you can record call. Some of the feature of Callgraph is one can directly upload recored call conversions to mail account or web-account. One can also share stored call using widget.

Muziboo Online Recorer : Muziboo demonstrated new feature of their web-site, Online recording. Muziboo now provides facility to online record, thus Singer does not have to recored on his computer and manually upload song to their account.

Session on Python 3 and Wikipedia gave a good inside on both of them. An interactive session on E-Learning had lot of discussion and interesting ideas.

Other non-techi interesting sessions were on Cycling and Paragliding, both sessions excited me. I seen verity of cycles together (as many as 12+ different models). I got opportunity to take a round of IIM on one of available cycle too. I also had good amount of chat with Yusuf Motiwala of Tring Me, ranging from linux, multimedia, Gujarat and many more things.

Bangalore Mirror had covered BCB7, snap is available here

I had taken few snaps during Barcamp and uploaded it at following picasa album :

Barcamp Bangalore 7 aka #BCB7

Visit to Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore

Along with my office-mates, I visited Bannerghatta National Park on June 7th, ’08. It is located in out-skirts of Bangalore (around 20 km from centre towards South). My company had hired a big cab and we reached with-in one hour at BNP. BNP has good amount of tigers and lions, including white tigers.

I was able to take small video of White tiger:

A Zoo and Butterfly Park is also located at site. Zoo contains few verity of snacks, monkeys, zebra, deer, fox, crocodile and other animals. We had good lunch at near-by restaurant. I had taken few photos and upload here :

Bannerghatta National Park,