Since I got married last year, my wife always wanted us to adopt dog. Finally early this year, we show post about pet adoption drive from Precious Paws Foundation and we decided to visit.

During drive we met Milo, our soon to be dearest dog and significant part of our life. Over a next few weeks we visited him at shelter and get bonded with him. On one of weekend, we decided to bringing home and settled him.

Milo in balcony

Over a period of time, our bonding with him has always increased. Milo is Indi dog and prefers to eat curd rice and boiled veg – egg. He enjoys walks and views from balcony and car.

My two cents for adopting dog as pet, although I’m not expert in this subject:
– Adopt dog, don’t purchase.
– Keep it simple and don’t prefer one breed over other.
– If you have apartment – flat with 2 or 3 bed room, go for small or mid size dog.
– Go for simple cooked food instant of commercial dog foods.

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