Diwali in Bangalore

Happy Diwali
Saal Mubarak

I’m residing in Bangalore for more than 7 years but first time I spend Diwali time in Bangalore. Few things, I observed:

  • Most office had one or max two days off, but plenty of people were on leave.
  • At lot of locations, people were firing crackers on street. Few places, apartment residence were also firing cracker on street instant of inside campus.
  • Since lot of Bangalorean keep dog as pet, dogs had hard time dealing with firework, which was visible.

Barcamp Bangalore Monsoon 2015

Monsoon edition of Barcamp Bangalore was held on 1st November, 2015 at beautiful CMRIT Campus. I missed Summer edition this year as I was out of Bangalore.
Barcamp Bangalore

I participated in session related to Open Data, Community, IoT, Robotics & 3D Printing. Many other interesting session also happen besides lots of casual interaction. Overall this Barcamp was 18th Barcamp in Bangalore ! Wish we continue to have many more.