Short trip to Hyderabad

Sunday, 25th November, I made short one day trip to Hyderabad. It was more than one year since I visited this city. Last time, I travelled via flight but this time, I travelled using train and found plently of train station in one city. I mean, Hyderabad Deccan, Secundrabad Jn, Kachiguda and many more. Also first time travelled via MMTC, which has less frequency but good connectivity to good part of city.

In one day, I met 3 friends and attended one wedding, where again I met many of my old friends. Missed to met few friends too but time was limited.

My friends in Hyderabad told me that number of “Bandh”s and it’s effect both have reduced. That’s really good sign.

Visit to VGECG

After long time, I had proper visit to VGECG, college where I did my B. E. (Instrumentation and Control).

The college campus is quite happening and big. I completed my B.E. from this college in June, 2004 and since than college campus and it’s infrastructure is changed drastically. In Instrumentation and control department, I found latest Allen Bradly PLC, AC and DC drives with R L C load etc. Also in electronics labs has really nice work bench which I rarely find even in properly set up R & D lab. Each work bench has DSO, Function generator, soldering station and variable DC power supply. Such a nice infrastructure can definitely help enhancing student’s practical skills. Good to see progress of college …

Post after long time …

This post after really long time … But anyway better late than never

So in February lot of interesting things happened, some of them worth mentions are:

– Barcamp Bangalore 12 was held on 25th August, 2012. This time also it was good and full of interesting contents.

– During September, Open hardware summit was organized in New York, which shown more interest on open source hardware. Being long term fan of Open Src HW, from my company, Cycloid System I decided to become fan sponsor.

– Last month, Ian from Dangerous Prototype was in Bangalore and he gave really nice presentation about business of open hardware. Besides meeting him and spending few hours with were great learning experience.

– My firm, Cycloid introduced 3D printing service, specially targeted for Indian customers and serve local market. [Update July 2016: I moved out of Cycloid ] is back and 2012’s edition end of this month. I’m looking forward to it eagerly.