[X] 2010 was held from 15 to 17th December, 2010 in Bangalore.

I was partially present in last two, but this time I actively participated on all three days. It had plenty of interesting sessions and workouts (as always 🙂 ). But I feel follow are worth noting:

On First Day, Danese Cooper‘s key note on running Wikipedia was quite impressive stuff. Also, Anil’s session on “Hardware Hacking for Software Hackers” was quite detailed and inspired many software developers to take interest in Hardware, which was quite visible in workout.

Tobias Mueller in his session, security in mobile devices showed various security issues in various mobile operating system on second day.

Saleem Ansari provided detailed understanding Fedora ARM and it’s built system in his session: Getting started with Fedora Embedded and QEMU/ARM hands-on. I think, it is very useful to have stable unstreamed Fedora’s ARM version to use on Beagle, Pandaboard and PLUG computers.

Besides this, had awesome hospitality, great Wi-Fi, yummy food and rocking music of Fahrenheit & Raghu Dixit band.

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