Mozilla Developer Day – 2010

Mozilla had organized developer day at Bangalore today, 27th February, 2010. The contents for day where quite interesting, specially Arun Ranganthan’s session on Web Standard was very impressive & useful. He showed usability of latest web standard which allows, direct play back of video, drag & drop, CSS & graphics capabilities. Besides Firefox, these capabilities should work well in Chrome & Safari (I hope, in-directly all WebKit based browser) well.

Using web standard based code instant of Adobe Flash has certain definite benefits, Such as,
– Code of sites are open & can be understand (Read: Debug/Optimization/Re-utilization)
– Works with out external plug-in.
– No need of paid & heavy weight editor tools.

At EOD, I would sum up Mozilla Developer Day as Highly technical & useful event with clear focus. With all this goodies, it will remain more memorable.

[Update: Arun has uploaded detailed report along with his presentation , which is worth checking out.]

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