Is it end of recession in IT sector ?

(So-called) Recession is going on since last year or longer. But there are clear sign of end of recession in atleast in Information Technology sector in India.

Recent results of Tech giant Infosys ,which even pushed stock price of TCS alot.

IPO of Infinite over subscriced 43x times & 11x times in Retail category, surely suggests investors confidences back in IT bussiness.

Ascent, job advertisement supplement of ToI is full again with IT jobs.

At-least picture looks bright in media, god knows what is holding inside.

3 thoughts on “Is it end of recession in IT sector ?”

  1. Well stock price is not related to the hiring of the employee,

    and also subscription of the IPO also not related to the companies business growing.. This is the strategy to allow more and more money of the investors to subscribe for the IPO the good example is Relaince Power was subscribed 72 times and now you see the price of the share it not up to the listed price..
    so reliance took all the investor money and earn good interest till the listing of the IPO..

  2. imho, in case of rpower or any other ipo, money will not go to there a/c until shares are alloted. rpower had some other issues for fall of stock.
    on a side note, recent announce of hike in tcs also suggests same.

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