Navratri 2009

This year Navratri was from 19th to 27th September. For typically Gujarati person, navratri means

– To participate in arti (and obviously dont miss prasad)
– Do garba (in all possible stype, steps, as long as he can do)
– Play rass (with as many people as possible)

On top it, if he can do
– Play Sanedo
– Eat good fafda with sambharo and marchi and Hot Jalebi on Dasara

Similar to Last year, This year also I went to Jayanagar Syunkt mandal organized function, my friends and me did all above stuff :). Everyyear, it is held at BES college in Jayanagar.

This time, I did better garba, rass than last year and obviously enjoyed more. To add more, as always, last night, we had unlimited Fafda Jalebi 🙂 All and all, to enjoy garba in Bangalore, Jayanagar and Palace ground are best palace. Obviously, during navrati, I did meet more new gujarati people in Bangalore and had nice time with them.