Free and Open Source Software on Proprietary Operating System

I use Linux on my laptop, so was feeling bit different when I recently used Windows and Mac on few friends laptop. I want to do some browsing and media playback. On both machines, Mac as well as on Windows, I end up using Firefox for browsing and VLC for media playback. On windows, Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player was existing while on Mac Safari and QuickTime. But on both machine, default was Firefox and VLC. That made me to think about this topic of Free and Open Source software on Proprietary Operating System. I asked my friends about usage and experience with Firefox and VLC, which was positive. In one line, Both of them rocks ! ! !

So those who likes to use Firefox and VLC, take one step forward and try some linux operating system (any distribution ubuntu, fedora, centos etc.) And make a change in your life.
Those who still wants to stick with Windows and Mac, Please ask your operating system providers to offer better software. Obviously FOSS developer does not mind you providing support if asked in proper way, although many times people ask and expect different level of support and make developer frustrated.  Otherwise as I mentioned, Best use of Internet Explorer is to visit and download Firefox.

2 thoughts on “Free and Open Source Software on Proprietary Operating System”

  1. Accepted! I have both OS, but I feel more comfortable on Win.
    (I recommend media player classic. it rules! comes with klite code pack.)

  2. Accepted! i have installed the mozila on vista and its takes hell lots of time opening the pages. the same web page i could see very fast on the IE7..
    but in the case of the VLC i have used in the windows machine its works fine to me.

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