Navratri ’08

This year Navratri dated during September 30 to October 8, 2008. We also had couple of leaves owing to Eid (October 1) and Gandhi Jayanti (October 2). Thus, we end-up having lot of garba and dandiya.

I had gone with my room-mate and few friends. We went to Jayanagar Sayunkt Mandal’s Garba for 3 nights. The venue was BES Law College ground. Typical, it starts at 10 pm with first aarti followed by slow garba. Garba picks speed over a half an hour. Besides Garba, we had Raas and Sanedo. Raas is traditions dandiya-raas, mostly as shown in plenty of hindi films. Sanedo is centuries old traditional Gujarati folk song type. During sanedo, basically we sing couples of song, covering topics like general critics, current social issues and players follow his tune.

On the last night of Navratri and next morning (on Dasara day), Gujaratis eat Fafda, Gathiya and Jalbi. We were lucky, as organizers at Jayanagar Sayunkt Mandal had decided to provide free and unlimited fafda and jalbi. We had four rounds of it. Last night, we played and enjoyed till 5 am in morning. You can see few snaps here:

Navratri 2008

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