Weekend trip to Stockholm from Linköping

Since shifting to Linköping, Sweden earlier in August, I always wanted to visit Stockholm. It’s nearly end of summer season type so I thought first week of September should be great time to visit, expecting relatively less tourist and nice weather. Flix Bus and Nettbuss has multiple direct buses to Stockholm from Linköping. Both, Linköping and Stockholm intercity, local bus and train station is middle of town. I took early morning (4:40 AM !) bus and reached Stockholm by 7:30 AM. After sitting / sleeping in bus, it was time to start WALKING. Yes, Since everything in central Stockholm near by, walking is great way to explorer the place. I walk 15+ km on both days.

City Hall
Just another statue
Gamla stan

Gamla Stan

Drottningholm Palace
Old house in Gamla stan
Lake near Drottningholm Palace
Lanes near Kungsträdgården
Old building near Ferry Terminal
Fountain near Kungsträdgården

Gamla Stan – The old town of Stockholm, has many palace, museums and churches to see apart from gorgeous old buildings. I visited many places in and around Gamla Stan. I also visited Drottningholm Palace, which has very nice garden and lake front. Central Stockholm has many shopping places and restaurants. Traveling in old trams has it’s own experience. I don’t know how my time flew. I took 7:40 PM bus from Stockholm and was back in Linköping around 10 PM. It was weekend well spent.

Adopting Dog in Bangalore

Since I got married last year, my wife always wanted us to adopt dog. Finally early this year, we show post about pet adoption drive from Precious Paws Foundation and we decided to visit.

During drive we met Milo, our soon to be dearest dog and significant part of our life. Over a next few weeks we visited him at shelter and get bonded with him. On one of weekend, we decided to bringing home and settled him.

Milo in balcony

Over a period of time, our bonding with him has always increased. Milo is Indi dog and prefers to eat curd rice and boiled veg – egg. He enjoys walks and views from balcony and car.

My two cents for adopting dog as pet, although I’m not expert in this subject:
– Adopt dog, don’t purchase.
– Keep it simple and don’t prefer one breed over other.
– If you have apartment – flat with 2 or 3 bed room, go for small or mid size dog.
– Go for simple cooked food instant of commercial dog foods.

Dear Zindagi

I’m rarely watch movie and even if I watch, I hardly have much opinion. After watching Dear Zindagi, I felt little different. Dear Zindagi touches part of today’s life where lot of family are focused on financial stability and not much into core happiness of life.

Dear Zindagi Poster

Some of dialogues makes lot of sense in practical terms in today’s time. It’s important to forget past mistakes of close people (Specially parents/family) and see long term happiness. It’s not always easy to wear someone’s shoe and figure out their situation specially if they have different age / time period / financial condition/responsibilities. Overall, movie is worth watch !

Navratri 2016

Normally, I blog about Navratri each year and list places of Garba in Bangalore.
So, for 2016, places are:

  • Indiranagar (1-10 Oct) at Brigade MLR Convention Centre, Besides Mahadverapura Fire Station Lane, Beside Decathlon, ITPL Main Road
  • Koramanagala (1-10 Oct) at Chamundeshwari Temple, Adugodi Police Quarters
  • Jayanagar (1-11 Oct) at Star Convention Center, Opp Brigade Milennuim, J P Nagar 7th Phase
  • Palace Ground (1-11 Oct) at Nalapad Pavilion by Sri Gujarati Vaishnav Samaj, Palace Ground (Gate No 5), Bellary Road, Near Mekhri Circle
  • Palace Ground (6-10 Oct) at Gayatri Vihar, Palace Ground, Bellary Road, Near Mekhri Circle
  • Hulimavu (1-10 Oct) at Sri Shirdi Saibaba Temple, AECS Magnolia Maruti Public School, Shantiniketan Layout, Behind Hulimavu Gate
  • Vasantnagar (1-11 Oct) at Sardar Patel Bhawan, Millers Tank Bund Road, Vasantnagar (Behind Mavaveer Jain Hospital)

Wish you all Happy Navratri !

Mumbai & Life

Recently I visited Mumbai for couple of days and found value of life at different level. In last one year, I have been in Bangalore, Singapore, Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Here are few observation:

  • It’s easy to get decent budget accommodation with breakfast in Singapore than Mumbai !
  • Traveling in Mumbai Local train is kind of must to stay in time-line and budget.
  • Mumbai’s Bandra Worli Sea Link is quite useful piece of infrastructure but it’s simple 5.6 km long bridge
    • With 60 Rs toll
    • Two-wheeler, auto & cycle not allowed
    • Has narrow entry/exit at Worli side

Diwali in Bangalore

Happy Diwali
Saal Mubarak

I’m residing in Bangalore for more than 7 years but first time I spend Diwali time in Bangalore. Few things, I observed:

  • Most office had one or max two days off, but plenty of people were on leave.
  • At lot of locations, people were firing crackers on street. Few places, apartment residence were also firing cracker on street instant of inside campus.
  • Since lot of Bangalorean keep dog as pet, dogs had hard time dealing with firework, which was visible.